Wednesday, February 11, 2009

b u r n i n g - u p !

the clock on my l-top shows 1.10 pm .. and i got nothing to do rite now .. so, to let time pass by without being wasted i continue on writing for this blog ( hehe~.. better than sleeping rite, btw the library is too coooldd~.. its really hard to take even a while nap... sigh~.. i wish i brought along a blanket )

oh yeah, i got the latest news about the " Rihanna & Chris Brown " incidents ( even though i'm not a die hard fan of them, but it is good to know about the latest news , 'latest news?' but only in the entertainment industry saja sa tau, yang lain haannccuurr~... haha~" )

Get well soon, Rihanna!While both Rihanna and Chris Brown's camps have kept mums on the incident between the singers, the media outlets are talking to everyone possible to get a clearer picture of what went down.
And there have been contrasting stories.

On the one hand, there have been reports that Chris was jealous because Rihanna danced with a few guys at Clive Davis's pre-Grammy party on Saturday night. He also scolded her for spending too much time with Timbaland.

There's a new report that surfaced which said the cause of the couple's fight was due to an SMS message Chris received.

According to an industry source who told New York Daily News, "(Chris Brown) got a booty call. He got a text. Rihanna saw it and she got upset. They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her. She pulled away. That's when she's told people he hit her."

This Milk ad featuring Chris Brown has been pulled out from publications.
Rihanna suffers a swollen split lip, two red and purple contusions on either side of her forehead and several bite marks on her body.

After Wrigley dropped him, Chris's Milk ad has also been pulled from publication. Several radio stations in America have also stopped spinning his songs.

And if you are waiting to see a mugshot of Chris, that might not happen. It seems that if one is arrested within Los Angeles city limits, mugshots are not released to the public unless the individual poses a threat to the public.

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owh, i think this is for now, ada class micro pasni.. kna kol suda.. bha.. chau shin chan ~ .. :)

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