Friday, May 8, 2009

Naruto Fans!

Naruto Shippuuden

Hello World! I just recently downloaded episodes of Naruto Shippuudeen. And I can't wait to watch them. It's great as for now I got something to do to kill my free time.

So, for those who are still searching a good website to download Naruto Shippuuden animes here is one good website:

Actually this website is for watching Naruto Shippuuden online, but if your Desktop/Laptop/Notebook and so on are equipped with Internet Download Manager, Version 5.15 to be specific you can download the FLV file.

Besides that this website also offers other things such as Naruto the Movie, Characthers Biography (I think this is cool, as even though the characthers are animated but still the producer is concerned and specific about each characthers), Wallpapers and so many more.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Holiday!

It has been a very long while since I uploaded my last post. It is because I'm a bit lazy to update it and also busy with assignments, lab report and etc.

Well, final semester break begins on 6/05/09, for me that is. Some students finished much earlier, and some finished later than me.

And, the thing is about this break is that, I'm not sure what am I gonna do for the next 2 months. I really am clueless, well not clueless like I have gone totally blank because I've been thinking of doing something, it just that I'm not sure.

So, I did plan on something which include:
  1. Downloading plenty of games, and try to finish/complete playing until the break is over.
  2. Karaoke-ing, I will sing like I've never sang before. :O
  3. Downloading movies, to be specific animated movies and must have comedy touch in it, if not I won't even bother watching them.
  4. Travelling around my hometown, exploring villages that I haven't been before.
  5. Last but not least, I'll start exercising. Haha~. I think I have gained some weight. How can I not gain weight. During the exam, I ate a lot of things but never did I do any physical workout. However, I did do a lot of mental exercise which is killing me!

Okay! I think that is all. As right now I don't have any material to present. He~.... Enjoy your break people....

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Jambar" of All Time

"One Big Adie-Bradie"
.~We are missing one persoN~.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Karnival Rekreasi dan Sukan Air

1st day of our 'working day', we arrive there (Outdoor Develepoment Center, ODEC) at around 10 o'clock or so and basically there was not much to do, We only came there to decorate the place that we were going to use. And then after that, it was "makan-makan" time. When we first arrived there we were greeted by the "AJK of Food", which they treated us with breakfast (cakes + drinks= lychee and chrisanthemum). there was a lot of them (foods+drinks). Actually the foods were prepared for almost 100 people, but only less than 30 people came. ( the caterer was from BTC, Kg. E). Then the lunch was sent to us, but still there were a lot of leftovers from the breakfast. So, i did my part by eating 3 "tapau".. hehe~.. then, after 3-4 hours the refreshment for the tea-break came... huh~... there were a lot of food. And i did my part again by adding the amount of food that i ate... huh~... kanyang owh..

This girl here was my Ketua AJK... Very "soosiaal" girl... haha~...

nah~... very tough participants... mana ko mo cari...

These were the AJKs that i was talking about... the girl cute chubby girl smiling and the girl wearing baby-blue shirt were the best Food AJKs ever... haha~... you the woman.. ;p...

These were some of the people who were going to escort the Menteri Sukan Sabah.FYI, si Jess was horned by the VIP, because she was blocking his way, nasib baik jumpa parking, ngam la dia tu~..ta'ape ye... kadang-kadang kita kena horn VIP... haha~... and by the way, i escorted the VIP as well .. hehe~...

These were some of the AJKs that were involved in this grand carnival... pretty awesome group of people... yeah!..

This was the picture after the very vigorous "senamrobik" routine... man, that "cikgu" really can dance... he swing like inul... haha~... it was fun and funny at the same time...

BTW, we joined the senomrobik competition and we got 3rd place... haha~....

Monday, March 16, 2009

busy, busy, busy

OK, from the title it sums up that i'm really busy (and whose to blame, "me, myself and I) why?.... reasons are given below:

  1. Soil Science Mid-Term : haven't revised, eventhough the lecturer gives us one more chance to study which is for almost a week
  2. Microeconomy Individual Assignment : I'm doin' it right now, but still clueless, actually I thought that 17 March is on Thursday, but it turns out to be TOMORROW! Which is the due date for this asssignment... haih~.
  3. Ecology and Microbiology : Lab reports, 5 of them, well I got no comment for this one though he~.
  4. Kaedah Pengurusan Berorganisasi (KPO) : Presentation is on Wednesday 18 March, well this one is pretty much done or covered... he~... We we'll have a full rehearsel on Tuesday at 2 o'clock..
  5. Hubungan Etnik : we we'll have a meeting on Saturday, which will ruin my "tedor-tedor" day, but no worry, coz this meeting is important, we gonna finish our assignment on this day if possible....
  6. Mandarin : Quiz 1,2,3,4 on next Monday, besides that have to do a draft for the "Ice-Breaking Composition" in Pin Yin.

MmmmMMmmmM, i think that are all... huhu~... pity me~.... and Final Exam in just around the corner... it's like almost a month away... but, still i don't really see it coming even though i kinda knew that it is not far away.... hehe~... masih "tedor-tedor" lagi... ngam la sa tu~...

T-T *shu~shu~* T-T

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

m-i-l-k-y w-a-y

got MILK?!

splash! Mi-LK~

mooo~... miiilk~

yaang penting aaadaaa .... shu~shu~....


Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ini gambar family... muka bapa kena buat inset di atas coz he wasn't in the picture... huhu~...

Kawang Field-Trip... compared to KB, Kawang FD was much better... i had a lot of fun here... i bet that the others thought so too...

The place was nice, but the bad thing was we had to sleep under a 'pondok' instead of the chalet... huhu~... keras mcm gila tu lantai... the sleeping bag sponge had no effect... i still can feel the hardness of the floor... huhu~..

At this place, there were 4 pools with approximately 6x6 feet wide... when we arrived there, we were attracted to the pools... and most of us really wanted to soak ourselves in the pool ... so, we cleaned the pools (FYI, i had cleaned 2 pools hehe~) and filled it with water (*fresh* from da' riva')... and wait... and wait... and wait... but the pools still weren't full... and before we had the chance to dive in... the lecturer potong 'stim', dia suruh kami bersiap awal ( btw, the girls had the chance to soak themselves... but only for a while.. coz tu lecturer seemed angry...) ... and we were hoping to play in the pool on the next day...

But the damn thing was... on the next day, a group of kids went in the pools that we had cleaned and contiminated our water without any guilt... damn those kids.. sa kac ilmu-hitam baru drg tau... jaga kau..jaga kau.. mhmmm ngam laitu..!

These were those kids...pastu yg bikin panas mau lagi shuffle-shuffle dgn spender yg mo jatuh tu... ngam lai tu!..

after the long wait, we did get the chance to 'dive' into the pools ( finally! )... but, it was also for a while... coz we had to cook for the night ( actually, c elena and miche sja ada nama on the list... but because we are adie-bradie... harus tolong-menolong... hehe~... ngam lai tu! )

This was what we were doing to let time passed-by... main unonononono~... hehe~
pastu semua pun... emo... emo... emo...

here are some of our photos :