Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Holiday!

It has been a very long while since I uploaded my last post. It is because I'm a bit lazy to update it and also busy with assignments, lab report and etc.

Well, final semester break begins on 6/05/09, for me that is. Some students finished much earlier, and some finished later than me.

And, the thing is about this break is that, I'm not sure what am I gonna do for the next 2 months. I really am clueless, well not clueless like I have gone totally blank because I've been thinking of doing something, it just that I'm not sure.

So, I did plan on something which include:
  1. Downloading plenty of games, and try to finish/complete playing until the break is over.
  2. Karaoke-ing, I will sing like I've never sang before. :O
  3. Downloading movies, to be specific animated movies and must have comedy touch in it, if not I won't even bother watching them.
  4. Travelling around my hometown, exploring villages that I haven't been before.
  5. Last but not least, I'll start exercising. Haha~. I think I have gained some weight. How can I not gain weight. During the exam, I ate a lot of things but never did I do any physical workout. However, I did do a lot of mental exercise which is killing me!

Okay! I think that is all. As right now I don't have any material to present. He~.... Enjoy your break people....


  1. mampirrr... kaa d jinggu.. 1~ 2~

  2. emmpmmhh emmpmmhh emmpmmhh ...

  3. jgn lupa ah..
    mknan skali..